Turkish DelightEdit

Edmund eats a box of these upon meeting the White Witch.

The Beavers' DinnerEdit

The Pevensie children are fed this dinner by the Beavers in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It consists of fried fish, boiled potatoes, bread, milk, a marmalade roll and tea. 

Shasta's Best Breakfast EverEdit

Meat pasty, dried figs, green cheese and wine. 

Narnian BreakfastEdit

Porridge with cream, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, butered toast and coffee. 

A Dinner for Prince CorinEdit

lobsters, salad, snipe stuffed with almonds and truffles, rice with chicken livers, raisins, and nuts, melons, mulberry and goose fools, dishes with ice and white wine. 


A rainbow coloured fish roasted on an open fire. 

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